AM-1 Roofing, Inc., a Bend roofing company serving Central Oregon since 1993!

Owners, Thomas and Jennifer Hunziker, made their start climbing ladders and roofing residential homes in Bend. With innovation and personal attention to quality, the workload doubled and roofing became consistent. Incorporated in June of 1995 AM-1 Roofing hired one employee, two, three, and so on.

Personal Attention to Your Roofing Needs

Their personal attention and consistent fair pricing began attracting commercial contractors for subdivisions in the mid-nineties. Today, AM-1 Roofing roofs can be found in neighborhoods such as Broken Top, Awbrey Butte, Black Butte Ranch, Sunriver, and the Pronghorn subdivision just to name a few. There is no roof too complex, too large or too small for the crews of AM-1. With their red trucks all over town, AM-1 has built a solid reputation with quality products and roofing material options.

The trained specialists at AM-1 can help with condensation issues, poorly designed roof systems and improper ventilation. We have the ability to repair and/or replace roofing systems often for far less than may be expected.

Steep Slope Roofing

  • Asphalt


    Inexpensive, easy to maintain, easy to walk on, class A fire rated, and comes with decent warranty options. Some Asphalt shingles are modified which allows a sustainable hail impact to class 4. We've worked with these shingles in Central Oregon for a many years. Using Asphalt shingles has shown they last 25 to 30 years, which is ideal. Most asphalt shingles are intended to be aesthetically pleasing and resemble wood shingles. Some of the higher end shingle products strive to resemble slate or shake.

    When you are shopping for roofing materials there are several good manufacturers. Just remember to look for one that has best warranty options and follow up on what they say. That’s why we are certified CertainTeed Shingle Master Applicators. Our Company beliefs in CertainTeed and they belief in us. That is why we are on of only two in the area that can provide actual manufactures leak warranties. Our crews have completed the CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator training, and are competent craftsman. Therefore we will give you a warranty for as long as you own your home! Feel free to browse our popular colors by clicking below.

    Warranty Information

    certified installer
    AM1-Roofing is one out of only two contractors that are Certified to provide a Certainteed Manufactures Workmanship Warranty in Central Oregon

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  • Metal


    Fabricated and design by us. Next to tile, metal is probably the best roofing for Central Oregon. Weighing almost half as much as asphalt shingles and only a fraction of a concrete tile. Standing seam panels will shed the snow better than any other pitched roof product. There are many options to choose from. Some of them look like shingles, some of them are stone coated like asphalt shingles, some of them have exposed fasteners, and some of them have hidden fasteners. Our opinion is that if ones budget does not allow to do metal roof they desire you would most likely end up happier by purchasing a asphalt shingle roof. Expansion and contraction is extreme in Central Oregon due to weather, metal roofing systems have to be designed to accommodate that. AM-1 Roofing manufactures three different standing seam panels, and operate a sheet metal fabrication shop full time. From our examples you will see we have roofed and sided some of the most complex and difficult projects in the area. We know metal. So if you need help with anything sheet metal, design, product and engineering, please call us.

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  • Synthetic


    This is an exciting category. Here you can find the most awesome looking products typically promising great performance while often looks very close to real slate, real shakes, or wood shingles. Our clients know the difference and have relied on us to install many roofs through out the years. Let us help you find the right look and quality by sharing our experience in addition to the promises made by the manufacturer. Why would I use these products? For instance you can get a slate looking roof that weighs less than real slate, synthetic slate roofing will not break as easily when walked on and will not damaged when the ice falls off the second story onto the lower roof. We can also provide a Shake look alike with a class A rating, fully walk-able that should last longer than real shakes. The downside is that often, these products have not been around long enough to have a real roof top test period. So in some ways you will take a chance. They typically cost quite a bit more than for instance an asphalt shingle roofs. We only list the products we belief will work.

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  • Tile


    There is ceramic tile and concrete tile. Ceramic is the more expensive option however, it’s lighter and more durable than concrete. A ceramic tile roof is about as good of a roof as one can get. It is long lasting, well over one hundred years if installed properly. The tile is creating a cold roof meaning, it will ventilate under the tile. This can prevent ice damming and keep the house cooler in the summer. Ceramic tiles are not affected by the heat or the sun. Tiles are available in many colors and shapes. Concrete tiles are heavy and require a stronger roof structure to support the weight. So unless the home was designed for tile it isn’t a option for re-roofing. We installed our first tile roof over 3 decades ago so please, call if you have any questions.We can help.

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  • Wood

    Wood is not often used in Central Oregon due to the dry climate and the UV that causes the cedar to age rapidly. Fire treated shingles available are available. Wood shingles still only get a class B rating and most people just don’t have the faith that wood will work as good as it should. The upside is Cedar is a renewable resource, It looks nice and we love to install. Over the years we've had the privliage of working on a few historic buildings with wood roofing restoring them to their formal glory.

Low Slope Roofing

  • Asphalt

    There are many excellent asphalt flat roofing systems to choose from. AM-1 Roofing installs only cold applied systems which are great roofs and are a bit heavier than TPO and PVC. Penetrations are more difficult to roof around, however they are available with granular surfaces matched to the asphalt shingles. This makes them a great choice on low slope roofs that have also steep slope sections.

  • Coating

    Roof coatings are a great option to give a roof a second life! Our company is certified and own high performance spray equipment to ensure a proper job. Our GE Enduris High Solids Silicon roof coatings can be purchased with a 20 year manufacturer warranty. At the end of the 20 year life span, we can recoat it with another coat lasting for another 20 years. The coating options work in most cases and can safe money, and also won’t interfere with the business conducted inside the building. Roof coating does not require a permit. Request your roof coating today.

  • Metal


    Am-1 Roofing metal panels work excellent when installed with a ½ pitch roofs. We use sealant injectors on our rollforming equipment which makes our panel seams perform even under water! If you plan on a low slope metal roofing, please make sure you hire a company with plenty of experience or hire AM-1 Roofing for your install.

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  • PVC

    This roofing product has been around longer than TPO. We know it works. It’s easy to work with and roof tested. Basically all the things mentioned under TPO applies to PVC. We have verry capable walkable membranes in PVC. We are certified as Duradek installers and believe that Duradek is one of the best option for a walkable deck membrane.

  • TPO


    Short for Thermoplastic Polyolfin, TPO is a great option for flat roof applications. We can design and build your system with a class A fire rating, add insulation, roof over old low pitch exposed fastener roofs, wrap just about anything with it, and even help you to make it walkable if requested. We installed our first systems over 20 years ago and these light weight roofs are still holding up to the elements. We're certified which allows us to offer the best warranties the industry. TPO is warranted under water so if you have minor drainage issues, it isn’t going to harm the roofing.

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